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What is the role of agricultural machinery in modern agriculture?


The production of agricultural machinery has greatly increased the efficiency of agricultural production. In the past, it was inefficient for farmers to operate by hand. Now, with mechanized equipment, such as tractors, harvesters, irrigation equipment, and so on, a single machine can complete the workload of several people, the labor intensity of farmers is greatly reduced, and the production cost is also reduced.

agricultural machinery has modernised agriculture. Traditional agricultural mode of production can no longer meet the needs of modern society, and the introduction of mechanized production has made agricultural production more large-scale, standardized and modern, improving the quality and efficiency of agriculture, it also provides guarantee for the sustainable development of agriculture.

Moreover, agricultural machinery production has raised the living standards of farmers. Mechanized production has also increased the incomes of farmers and made them more prosperous. At the same time, agricultural machinery production has provided more employment opportunities for farmers and become an important driving force for rural economic development.

Production of agricultural machinery helps reduce the consumption and pollution of agricultural resources. The use of modern mode of production in mechanized production has effectively reduced the waste of agricultural resources and environmental pollution, achieved "Green" agricultural production, and provided strong support for the protection and restoration of the ecological environment.

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