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As a leading agricultural machinery factory, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying  high-quality grain seeder and spare parts to a wide range of industries. Taking the mission of transferring the value of Chinese farm machinery and having the vision of being a world well-known manufacturer, Harvester Machinery is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends for a prosperous future together!

Grain seeder, a general term for grain crop seeder, is often referred to as a drill. It generally consists of a seed box, a groove wheel seeding device, a seed delivery pipe, a trenching device, a soil cover device, a walking wheel, and a transmission device.

We shall insist on the conception of "Honesty Creativity and Development" and serve global customers with high quality and attentive after-sales service, we can develop tailored programs for our customers, whether grain seeder retailers or industrial agricultural machinery service companies. Hope there is a chance to cooperate.

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Grain planter

Grain planter

The following is an introduction to grain planter, harvester hope to help you better understand grain planter. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future together!

The grain planter and tractors supporting operations, mainly used for no-tillage or non-no-tillage single-seed precision sowing corn. Another mungbean oil sunflower seed tray and sorghum seed tray can be selected, can be applied grain fertilizer, a complete furrow fertilization, seed ditch, sowing, soil cover, suppression and other processes.

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You can rest assured to wholesale Grain Seeder from our factory. Welcome to place an order, Harvester is one of the professional Grain Seeder manufacturers and suppliers in China.
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