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Grain planter
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Grain planter

The following is an introduction to grain planter, harvester hope to help you better understand grain planter. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future together!

The grain planter and tractors supporting operations, mainly used for no-tillage or non-no-tillage single-seed precision sowing corn. Another mungbean oil sunflower seed tray and sorghum seed tray can be selected, can be applied grain fertilizer, a complete furrow fertilization, seed ditch, sowing, soil cover, suppression and other processes.

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Product Description

Grain planter features:

1. Scoop wheel type, finger clip type and air suction type seed metering device with high precision, grain number qualified rate of scoop wheel type up to 80% , finger clip type and air suction type up to 95% .
2. The spoon wheel type uses the normal direction to fill the seed, may the high speed work, when the plant distance is not less than 20 centimeters, the work speed may achieve 8 kilometers/hour, the finger clip type and the air suction type seed speed may achieve 10 kilometers/hour or so.
3. Accurate hole spacing, uniform distribution of seedlings, less competition, individual advantages can be brought into full play, crop growth exuberant, high yield.
Four. The three models all have copying function, can float with the ground, when the land block undulation can maintain a certain depth of seeding. 5. Each line of transmission shaft connected as a whole, unified drive, speed one to, transmission power, even if one line of the ground wheel occasionally slip, do not affect the normal sowing line.
6. The whole machine through a unique gearbox to change the plant spacing, can produce 16 plant spacing, as long as the transmission ratio of the gearbox, the whole machine can change the line spacing.
Seven. The operation lever of the gearbox can control the radial swing and axial movement of the swing wheel at the same time, and the operation is quick and convenient. All the gears of the gearbox are made of high-quality steel after carburizing treatment, and all the transmission parts are made of high-quality rolling bearings, reliable performance.
8. Select a large displacement of fertilizer box, thickened the fertilizer pipe, the maximum per 140 kg of fertilizer output.
9. The fertilizer opener has a double disc and a heavy-duty sharp angle type to choose from.

What kind of grain suitable for the grain planter:

The grain planter use the different sowing assembly to achieve the different grain planting.

According the different horse power tractor, the grain planter in different model, according the detailed technical specifications:

Required power (hp) 50-100 hp 70-130 hp 90-150 hp 130-220 hp
Overall dimension(cm) 183*234*136 187*270*138 187*360*138 187*480*138
Weight (kg) 680 850 1000 1300
Row spacing(cm) 60-70 60 60 60
Planting rows 4 5 6 8
Working Efficiency(Acre/h) 1-2 1.2-2.5
Fertilizer hopper capacity (L) 320 400
Seeds hopper capacity (L) 18×4 18×5 18×6 18×8
Fertilizer depth(mm) 60-80
Sowing depth(mm) 30-50
Type of fertilizer feed Nylon big external grooved sheave
Opening share of fertilize Shovel type opening share
Type of seeding mechanism Pneumatic and Disc seeding type
Linkage Three-point rear suspension
drive style Land wheel
Seeding crop type Corn and soybean
Sowing depth(mm) 30-50
Single seed percentage (%) >95%
Empty hole percentage (%) <3%

More information about Harvester Machinery Co., Ltd:
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Welcome your inquiry to get more information about our company and the grain planter.

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