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Manure Spreader Analysis


The manure spreader is mainly used for pre-tillage base fertilizer, post-sowing tillage and dissemination of seeds and fertilizers in grasslands and pastures, compact structure, application, high productivity and so on. A machine designed for growers to deliver and distribute fertilizer. Can be directly stable manure and other fertilizer into the bin for scattering. Solid and mud-like fertilizers can be evenly scattered back to the field.

Market demand analysis of dung-throwing vehicle market demand analysis part: dung-throwing vehicle as an important equipment in the field of environmental protection and agricultural production, has a high demand in the market. This is reflected in the following areas:

1. Farmland fertilization needs: manure spreader in farmland fertilization has an irreplaceable role. With the development of agricultural production and modernization, the demand for fertilizer is more and more high, so the manure-throwing vehicle has a large market demand in the field.

2.2. Demand for livestock Waste treatment: as livestock farming has expanded, Waste treatment has become an important issue. Manure spreader effectively convert livestock waste into organic fertilizer, meeting the Waste treatment needs of livestock farmers.

3, urban sanitation needs: with the continuous progress of urbanization, urban sanitation work has been more and more attention. Dung-throwing vehicle can clean up sewage, garbage and sludge in the urban sanitation work, so it also has a certain demand in the urban sanitation field.

The application of manure trucks:

The manure-spreader is the key to the development of green agriculture, and can promote the treatment of manure. The manure-spreader produced by our company is a new type of farm machinery, which takes tractor as power and throws the fermented manure/compost back to the field, according to different fertilizers, when operating, the flow control valve is adjusted to a low speed, after running with the equipment, the speed is gradually increased, and the transportation speed of different fertilizers is found in the experiment, the operation is simple and fast, the fertilizer is spread evenly, the utility model reduces the labor intensity, saves the labor cost, and improves the labor efficiency.

In order to promote the treatment and resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, it is necessary to select reasonable and feasible treatment methods according to local conditions. As a result of long-term application of chemical fertilizer on the land, the soil is seriously deficient in some nutrients, soil hardening, affecting the quality of crop products. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a large amount of organic fertilizer and farm manure to improve soil and crop quality. In the past, most of the fertilizer was carted to the fields, stacked evenly into small piles, then shoveled or spread along the carts. This method has low labor productivity and uneven fertilization. The application of manure-dropping vehicle can improve labor productivity and fertilizer quality, and avoid the phenomenon of uneven fertilization. It not only improves crop yields, but also overcomes the problem of local soil hardening. Save the cost of farming for the common people.

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