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  • 3 Point Sprayer3 Point Sprayer
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3 Point Sprayer

Harvester warmly welcome you to wholesale 3 point sprayer from our factory. Our products are CE certified and currently have a large amount of factory inventory. We will provide you with good service and factory discounted prices.

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Product Description

The 3 point sprayer is in 3 point linkage, can connected with all the tractor, in easy handle and operation.
In different tank capacity and working width. The 3 point sprayer is mainly used for spraying pesticide on dry paddy fields such as soybean, corn, cotton, wheat, rice, etc. . The sprayer is also suitable for spraying pesticide on lawns, fruit trees, tea trees, vegetables, roadside trees and so on.

The specifications quality of the 3 point sprayer:

1.The product is equipped with a jet mixing system in the medicine box to forcibly stir the medicine liquid;
2.In high efficiency: the product with automatic water-filling function can be filled in 3 minutes medicine box, greatly reducing the working time to improve efficiency, flow, pressure stability;
3.In excellent material: spraying parts are also matched with imported parts, even atomization, reliable performance, nozzle for aluminum alloy tube medicine box for-polyethylene, strong anti-corrosion;
4.Applicability: can be applied to towns and rural complex terrain, and in a large area of farmland, can show the performance of the machine, spraying area of up to 20 mu per hour, spraying efficiency.

The most important from the 3 point sprayer is you can save labor cost, save more time, at least 30 Acre per hour.

Technical specification of the 3 point sprayer:

Model Structure Max Capacity
Matched Power
Spray Rod Length
Working Pressure
Rated Flow
Working Rate
3WPX-400-8 Mounted Type 400 ≥40 8000 0.8-1.0 60-80 20
3WPX-500-12 Mounted Type 500 ≥40 12000 0.8-1.0 60-80 35
3WPX-600-8 Mounted Type 600 ≥50 8000 0.8-1.0 80-100 20
3WPX-600-12 Mounted Type 600 ≥50 12000 0.8-1.0 80-100 35
3WPXY-600-12 Mounted Type 600 ≥50 12000 0.8-1.0 80-100 35
3WPX-800-12 Mounted Type 800 ≥60 12000 0.8-1.0 80-100 35
3WPX-800-18A Mounted Type 800 ≥60 18000 0.8-1.0 190 45
3WPXZ-800-18 Mounted Type 8000 ≥60 18000 0.8-1.0 190 45
3WPX-1000-12 Mounted Type 1000 ≥60 12000 0.8-1.0 80-100 35
3PWX-1000-18 Mounted Type 1000 ≥80 18000 0.8-1.0 190 45
3WPX-1200-22 Mounted Type 1200 ≥80 22000 0.8-1.0 215 55
3WPX-1200-24 Mounted Type 1200 ≥90 24000 0.8-1.0 215 55

Because our agricultural machinery covers a wide range, a wide variety, and for global users, each region, if each region are sent to guide difficult to achieve. Most of the small agricultural machinery have related installation and operation of video pictures, users can basically control the corresponding video pictures for installation. If encounter installation difficulties and other phenomena, by our technical staff video guidance. Some users customized complex models, or a large number of machines, we can arrange staff according to the actual situation.

With more than 10 years exporting experience, we also welcome the agent from all over the world.

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