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Corn Planting Machine
  • Corn Planting MachineCorn Planting Machine
  • Corn Planting MachineCorn Planting Machine
  • Corn Planting MachineCorn Planting Machine
  • Corn Planting MachineCorn Planting Machine

Corn Planting Machine

Harvester Machinery is a manufacturer & supplier factory which specializing in corn planting machine in China, and has 10 years of production experience in the agricultural machinery industry. Since its establishment, our company has adhered to market-oriented, continuous innovation, actively explored domestic and foreign markets, and covered the global market. It has won a good reputation in the farm machinery industry and has been highly recognized and trusted by customers.

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Product Description

What’s the description of corn planting machine?

Welcome to wholesale or customized corn planting machine from our factory at any time. We will provide you with factory discount prices for our products.
Corn planting machine is a sophisticated piece of machinery designed to deposit seeds into a straight furrow within the soil at precise rates and specific depths. This essential tool is used for the efficient and effective planting of corn seeds, ensuring optimal growth and yield.
The operation of the corn planting machine is relatively simple. After the farmer has prepared the soil by loosening and smoothing it, the corn seeder is then dragged along the soil at a controlled speed, depositing seeds at regular intervals. The machine's advanced features allow for the regulation of seed depth, ensuring that the seeds are planted at the desired depth, while also controlling the spacing between each seed to optimize growth and yield.

What’s the basic parameters of corn planting machine?

For this corn planting machine, there are a few models available for your choice!
You can choice it according to your requirements.

Model 2BJG-2 2BJG-3 2BJG-4 2BJG-5 2BJG-6 2BJG-8
Rows 2 3 4 5 6 8
Row Space(MM) 500-700
Matched Power(HP) 18-25 25-30 25-35 40-60 60-100 120-140
Fertilizer Depth(MM) 30-70mm under seeds
Fertilizer Output(KG/MU) 90-415
Seeding Depth(MM) 30-50
Linkage 3 points mounted
Transmission Ground wheel driving
Speed(KM/H) 5-7
Weight(KG) 150 200 270 340 420 580

What’s the benefits if using corn planting machine?

1) Sowing according to specifications, with consistent depth and neat emergence;
2) Save seeds;
3) Implement simultaneous planting and fertilization, with complete supply of fertilizer and nutrients;
4) High work efficiency, labor-saving, and time-saving;

What’s the package of corn planting machine?

All the corn planting machine is fixed in the Iron Frame by steel wire, the Frame use the steel which is thicker than 3mm. Strong enough to carry and protect the machine.
Black plastic film will also protect the machine from rain and sun shine.
All the frames is welded according to the machine size, to make sure the minimum size and weight.

What’s the certifications of corn planting machine?

For tractor mounted corn seeder, our company dedicated to strict quality control, has passed ISO system certification and CE product certification. Products reach European quality standards.

Why choose Harvester Machinery for cooperation?

Comparing with our competitors, we have much more advantages as follows:
1) More than 10 years experience in manufacturing farming machines.
2) More professional sales persons to guarantee better and expert service.
3) Wider product range of agricultural machines for your choice.
4) More newly developed products to highlight you among your competitors and help you avoid price competition.
5) Stronger capability for mass production and bulk shipment.
6) Better quality to guarantee better Credit.
7) Faster delivery time: Only 5-7 days.
8) Much stricter quality check procedures before shipment.
9) More considerate after-sales service.
10) Lower repair rate and lower bad-review rate.

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