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Farm Manure Spreader
  • Farm Manure SpreaderFarm Manure Spreader
  • Farm Manure SpreaderFarm Manure Spreader
  • Farm Manure SpreaderFarm Manure Spreader
  • Farm Manure SpreaderFarm Manure Spreader
  • Farm Manure SpreaderFarm Manure Spreader

Farm Manure Spreader

As a manufacturer and supplier of farm manure spreader in China, welcome you to wholesale farm manure spreader from our factory. Our products are CE certified and currently have a large amount of factory inventory. We will provide you with good service and factory discounted prices.

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Product Description

Could you please give us a short introduction about your farm manure spreader?

China Quality Farm Manure Spreader Manufacturers and Suppliers. Harvester Machinery is a large-scale Farm Manure Spreader manufacturer and supplier in China.
The farm manure spreader is a new type of agricultural equipment powered by a tractor that scatters and returns livestock manure, fermented organic fertilizer, and stable manure (including compost) to the field. It mainly consists of a traction frame, frame welding, fertilizer box, hydraulic system, transmission system, fertilizer feeding device, fertilizer spreading system, and ground machinery structure. The fertilizer feeding system of this machine is driven by the hydraulic output of the tractor to operate the hydraulic motor, and the entire box of fertilizer is synchronously moved backwards through the fertilizer feeding device; The fertilizer spreading system of this machine is driven by the tractor power output shaft, and is driven by a triple gearbox to disperse the fertilizer. At the same time, the double fertilizer spreading plates cooperate with the winch to fully scatter the fertilizer.

How about the specifications of this farm manure spreader?

Our farm manure spreader is all made in China, and please kindly check the below specification of farm manure spreader:

Model SX-12000
Max Capacity(M3) 12
Max Load(T) 15
Matched Power(HP) 120-220
Dimension(MM) 7100*2700*2600
Tire Model 18-25
Working Width(M) 10
Working Rate(Area/H) 25

What’s the application of this farm manure spreader?

This farm manure spreader is vertical double twisted dragon crushing blade type, and it is made of high-quality spring manganese steel, which has high hardness, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, strong crushing ability, and can effectively crush the organic materials scattered. This farm manure spreader can effectively scatter poultry and livestock manure into the field and spread fine and even seeds. It can improve the effectiveness of soil nutrients, improve soil structure, enhance soil fertility and water retention, reduce fecal pollution, and play an important role in the mechanization of returning livestock manure to the field in agriculture and animal husbandry.

What’s the advantages of this farm manure spreader?

1) The leaves of the twisted dragon are distributed in a stepped shape, with more uniform crushing, good adaptability to fertilizers, and convenient blade replacement.
2) Adopting imported axles, with good braking performance, the automatic steering system is precise and sensitive, safe and durable.
3) Fence boards can be added on both sides of the fertilizer box to expand its capacity and increase its loading capacity.
4) The fertilizer discharge gate can effectively control the fertilizer output, and hydraulic lifting is more convenient.

Why choose Harvester Machinery for cooperation?

Comparing with our competitors, we have much more advantages as follows:
1) More than 10 years experience in manufacturing farming machines.
2) More professional sales persons to guarantee better and expert service.
3) Wider product range of agricultural machines for your choice.
4) More newly developed products to highlight you among your competitors and help you avoid price competition.
5) Stronger capability for mass production and bulk shipment.
6) Better quality to guarantee better Credit.
7) Faster delivery time: Only 5-7 days.
8) Much stricter quality check procedures before shipment.
9) More considerate after-sales service.
10) Lower repair rate and lower bad-review rate.

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