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Field Hay Wheel Rake
  • Field Hay Wheel RakeField Hay Wheel Rake
  • Field Hay Wheel RakeField Hay Wheel Rake
  • Field Hay Wheel RakeField Hay Wheel Rake
  • Field Hay Wheel RakeField Hay Wheel Rake

Field Hay Wheel Rake

Harvester Machinery warmly welcome you to wholesale field hay wheel rake from our factory. Our products are CE certified and currently have a large amount of factory inventory. After accumulation and development of over 10 years, we have formed a complete system of field hay wheel rake design, selection, application, manufacture, marketing and maintenance. We still adhere technological innovation, top quality, service society, and propose unite, forward-looking, pragmatic, push. Our customers are at home and abroad.

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Product Description

Introduction of field hay wheel rake

As the professional manufacture, Harvester Machinery would like to provide you field hay wheel rake. And Harvester Machinery will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.
The field hay wheel rake is a forage harvesting machine that integrates the pasture rakes. After the pasture is harvested, in order to reach the baling conditions as soon as possible, the pasture needs to be sun-lit with a spreader. The spreader can evenly spread the pasture in the field, which facilitates the rapid evaporation of water and facilitates the cutting of the pasture in the bales or Dry before silage. When the moisture of the pasture can reach a state where it can be dried, the crops are gathered into a barn with a rake and smashed into strips in preparation for tying operations. When the rake is working, use the spring teeth to move the crop gently to gather or spread the sun, avoiding the mixed debris or stones in the crop to improve the quality of pasture or green feed.

Specifications of field hay wheel rake

For this field hay wheel rake, there are a few models available for your choice!
You can choice it according to your requirements.

Model Working Width Dimension(MM) Weight(KG)
LY-RR2500 2.5m 1550*1000*760 200
LY-RR2500 3.5m 2000*1000*790 233
LY-RR2500 2.5m on both sides 2000*1000*1000 707

Structures of field hay wheel rake

The horizontal field hay wheel rake mainly consists of a suspension device, a walking wheel, a rake tooth, a collecting baffle and a speed reducer. During work, the power is provided by the tractor's power output shaft.
1)Main frame (3-point suspension)
2)Travel wheel
4)Set baffle

Working principle of field hay wheel rake

Field hay wheel rake is available in rotary and spring type. During operation, the field hay wheel rake is hauled forward by the tractor and driven by the power output shaft. It is controlled by a fixed cam installed in the middle, and rotates around the central axis, so as to complete actions such as weeding and grass removal. The rotary spring rake is equipped with a plurality of spring teeth around a rotating part, and the spring teeth are opened by a centrifugal force to carry out the sward operation. If you change the mounting angle of the spring tooth, you can do the grassing work. The rotary grass rakes have loose grasses, low loss of pasture, light pollution, and operating speeds of up to 12 to 18 km/h, making them easy to pick up with the picking equipment.

Sale Service

Pre-sale services:
1. Multiple models to choose.
2. Customized products according to your requests.
3. Professional technicians at your side any time.

Services during the sale:
1. Pre-check and safeguard products before delivery.
2. Provide solutions for any possible problems occured.

After-sale services:
1. Warranty: 12 months for the machine after delivery.
2. Provide installation guidance.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our field hay wheel rake, please feel free to contact us for more info:
Email: miya@harvestermachinery.com
WhatsApp: 0086-15032566885

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