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Mower Conditioners

Mower Conditioners

Harvester is one of the famous China farm machinery manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of mower conditioners. Welcome to buy mower conditioners from Harvester. Every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours.

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Product Description

Disc mower conditioners, is a mower press integrated machine, in the grass cut down at the same time, the press.
The mower conditioners dries faster than the ordinary mower, shortens the drying time, reduces the loss of nutrients, and improves the quality of hay. It can harvest alfalfa, wormwood, oats, etc. . After the grass is compressed, part of the moisture is squeezed out, after a day of drying can basically dry, very time-saving labor-saving efficient.

What types of vegetation are mower conditioners suitable for?
Harvest alfalfa (Gramineae, Leguminosae)
Harvest high-yielding natural grasses
Harvest the lush, lopsided grass

The detailed specifications of the mower conditioners:

Model 9GXY-2.1 9GXY-2.4
Number of disc 5 6
Number of knives 2 2/3
Working Width(M) 2.1 2.4
Dimension(MM) 4200*1600*800 4600*1600*800
Weight(KG) 780 820
Matched Power(HP) 58.8-88.2 100-140
Working Rate(Area/H) 10 15
Hydraulic Standard
Iron Cover Standard
Crusher Rollers Standard

Function: press and crack the fresh grass stem, accelerate the evaporation of moisture, shorten the drying time, and make the stem, leaf, flower drying consistent, reduce nutrient loss, improve hay quality. It is used to harvest leguminous forages on wet, high-yield pastures.
Various configurations: there are many types of lawn mowers and flatters. The utility model is generally composed of a cutting table with a cutter, a swivel wheel, a flatter, etc.
Multiple operations: according to the type of cutter reciprocating and rotary two. According to the type of cutting table, there are spiral push-type, conveyor belt type and no conveyor 3 kinds. In some large self-propelled mower press, can choose to be equipped with screw-driven mower or conveyor belt mower.
Features: conveyor belt mower flat mower with eccentric elastic tooth type or pressure plate type puller (see grain combine harvester) . The process of cutting, conveying and laying is similar to that of a cutter and dryer, except that the grass strips laid by the conveyor belt are picked up by the compactor and pressed flat before being laid on the ground.

Why choose farm machinery from Harvester Machinery?

Established in 2010, Harvester machinery with more than 10 years experience of the farm machinery, also with more than 6 years experience of the exporting.

Pre-sale services:
1. Multiple models to choose.
2. Customized products according to your requests.
3. Professional technicians at your side any time.

Services during the sale:
1. Pre-check and safeguard products before delivery.
2. Provide solutions for any possible problems occured.

After-sale services:
1. Warranty: 12 months for the machine after delivery.
2. Provide installation guidance.

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