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What kind of orchard sprayer is suitable for the use of the orchard?


In modern agriculture, the tractor-mounted orchard drug-spraying machine has become an important agricultural machinery, which can be used in various scale orchard for plant protection. The machine has the advantages of high efficiency, speed and precision, and provides convenience for orchard pest control.

The tractor hanging type orchard pesticide sprayer is suitable for various fruit tree varieties, such as apples, pears, peaches, oranges and so on. It is easy to carry out plant protection operations in orchards. It is suitable not only for the intensive management of the orchards, but also for the family farm-style scattered orchards.

The main advantage of the dosing machine is that it can improve the operation efficiency and the control effect. Through the tractor's traction, the drug dispenser can quickly shuttle in the orchard, to achieve a large area of spraying operations. At the same time, it can achieve precise spraying to avoid damage to fruit trees. In addition, the tractor-mounted orchard pesticide sprayer also has the advantages of flexibility, convenience and easy operation, which provides a more convenient way for fruit farmers to plant protection.

In the use of tractor-mounted orchard pesticide dispenser, the following points need to be noted. First of all, according to the variety and growth of fruit trees to select the appropriate sprinkler and pressure to ensure the effectiveness of spraying. Secondly, to select the appropriate variety and concentration of pesticides, and in accordance with the instructions on the use of methods for preparation. In addition, to pay attention to safe use, to avoid damage to the human body and the environment. Finally, before spraying the orchard to clean up, remove the leaves and weeds and other debris to ensure that the effect of spraying. In a word, the tractor-mounted orchard dosing machine is a kind of agricultural machinery suitable for various orchards. It has the advantages of high efficiency, fast and accuracy. The operation efficiency and control effect of the orchard can be improved by using the spraying machine, and more convenience and benefit can be brought to the orchard farmers.

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