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About the common malfunctions and solutions of the fertilizer spreader


1.The reasons and solutions of fertilizer spreader not discharging fertilizer

When the fertilizer spreader is in use, it may appear that the fertilizer is not discharged from the fertilizer container. The reason for this problem is that the earth wheel does not work, showing the phenomenon of non-rolling. Perhaps it is because the earth wheel does not land, transmission chain presents a problem, in the course of the operation chain chain off or present broken chain, so that on the fertilizer device does not discharge fertilizer. If the transmission chain is a defect, repair personnel will be timely repair or replacement, so that the ground on the ground, so that the normal operation of fertilizer.

2.The reason and solutions of individual fertilizer distributor not discharging fertilizer

Fertilizer spreader in the operation, the total amount of fertilizer is normal, but individual fertilizer row will present problems, do not row fertilizer, resulting in this phenomenon may be the outlet of fertilizer by the debris in the field blocked, so can not row fertilizer. The solution to this problem is simply to open the non-draining outlet with a tool. But in the repair, the agricultural machinery operator must turn off the engine before repairing to avoid other malfunctions.

3.The reason and solutions of the fertilizer damp or caked

Chemical fertilizer is one of the most important fertilizers in the field. Because it is granular and easy to be dissolved by moisture or solidified, it not only affects the efficiency of fertilizer, but also makes it difficult to apply fertilizer on the fertilizer spreader, be careful about keeping the fertilizer. When sowing, the timing of adding fertilizer to the fertilizer spreader should be appropriate. Do not add fertilizer to the fertilizer box too early, as this may cause the fertilizer to become damp or clumped.

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