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How to choose a fertilizer spreader?


1. According to crop type

Each crop requires different fertilizers. Some crops, such as wheat, soybeans, and wheat, prefer low-nitrogen and high-phosphorus fertilizers, while other crops, such as potatoes, corn, and cotton, require higher-nitrogen fertilizers, so be sure to choose a fertilizer spreader. Different fertilizer spreader should be used according to different crop.

2. According to the size of the plot

Plot size is also an important factor in choosing a fertilizer spreader. If you have a large piece of farmland that needs fertilizer, you need to choose a large fertilizer spreader, and for a small plot, you should choose a small fertilizer spreader.

3. Consider the required accuracy

The precision of fertilizer spreading is one of the important factors affecting crop growth and yield. Some crops, such as vegetables and fruits, require relatively high spreading accuracy, while some coarse grains and cotton have relatively low requirements. Therefore, when purchasing a fertilizer spreader, you should decide based on the accuracy required by your crops.

4. According to the fertilization method

Fertilizer spreader have two main methods of applying fertilizer: dry and liquid. Some crops prefer dry fertilization, while others require liquid fertilization. Therefore, when choosing a fertilizer spreader, you should choose a fertilizer spreader that suits you based on the needs of the crop for fertilizer application.

5. According to durability and maintenance

Durability and maintenance are also important factors to consider when choosing a fertilizer spreader. Some brands of fertilizer spreaders are of greater quality and durability, and ease of maintenance is also an important consideration. Choose brands that offer high-quality repair services and spare parts support.

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