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How to maintain the satellite grader?


1.Check the power supply system regularly to ensure that the voltage and current of the power supply system meet the requirements of the system.
2.Use regular anti-wear and pressure-resistant hydraulic oil.
3.Regularly check whether the connections of each cable joint and oil pipe are reliable.
4.Regularly clean the valves of the hydraulic workstation.
5.The receiver, the satellite base station and the satellite antenna can work all day, although with waterproof, dust-proof function, but in the use of rain and snow weather signal attenuation, control accuracy is reduced, generally do not let it work.
6.Before parking the grader, the entire system should be cleaned and placed in a dry and shaded place to avoid wind, sun, and rain.
7.After completing the homework, adjust the hydraulic system pressure to standard atmospheric pressure to extend the service life of the system.
8.Do not extrude or twist the oil pipeline in the hydraulic station when it is stored.
9.If the machine is not used for a long time, the power supply of the system should be disconnected and the control instrument should be stored in the box.

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