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How to use a disc plow correctly?


1.The tractors must be inspected and maintained according to the user manual before they can be used for hanging the disc plow. When coupling with a tractor, due to the limited operating space, special attention must be paid to safety. When approaching the suspension point, stop the tractor steadily to avoid personal injury caused by compression.

2.Before using the disc plow, it must be carefully inspected and maintained according to the instructions before use.

3.When inspecting the universal joint transmission shaft, plow blade, and gearbox parts of the machine, the power must be cut off. If it is necessary to replace the parts, the entire disc plow should be padded properly, and then the engine should be turned off. It is strictly prohibited to replace the parts before the engine is turned off.

4.The included angle of the universal joint shall not exceed 10°during operation, and shall not exceed 30°when turning on the ground. When carrying out long-distance transportation transfer, the universal joint transmission shaft connected to the tractor power output shaft should be removed, and the disc plow should be raised to the highest position. If the tractor has a hydraulic suspension mechanism with force adjustment position adjustment, the descent speed adjustment valve should be closed tightly; If the tractor has a split hydraulic suspension mechanism, the positioning clamp on the cylinder piston rod should be fixed in the lowest position.

5.It is strictly prohibited to engage the power output shaft after entering the soil, or to forcefully lower it into the soil.

6.During work or transportation, it is prohibited to stack heavy objects and stand on disc plow.

7.When working, it is prohibited to stand behind or around the disc plow to prevent flying soil from injuring people.

8.Pay attention to regular inspection of the universal joint pin and cross shaft retaining ring. Damaged or in poor technical condition universal joints are prohibited from installation and use to avoid accidents.

9.If any abnormal phenomena are found during work, the vehicle should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the fault should be eliminated before continuing work.

10.Due to the fact that the disc plow is driven by tractor power, drivers are required to be particularly vigilant and always pay attention to cutting off power when necessary to avoid danger.

When parking, the disc plow should be lowered to the ground and not suspended for parking.

When the safety signs are lost or unclear, they should be replaced in a timely manner and pasted in the designated position according to the instructions.

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