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Instructions for using the nozzle of the agricultural sprayer


1. Selection and installation of agricultural sprayer nozzles

1) Select an appropriate nozzle according to the nature of the agent to ensure the spraying effect and quality.
2) When installing a nozzle, you must first select the appropriate nozzle model based on the spraying needs of the chemical solution and the requirements of the crop. Fix the nozzle on the nozzle holder and fix the holder on the spray bar.
3) The connection between the nozzle and the spray rod should be firm, and the inclination angle of the nozzle should meet the needs of the spray range.

2. Adjustment of agricultural sprayer nozzles

1) Adjust the height of the nozzle so that the spray range of the chemical solution meets actual needs.
2) Adjust the angle of the nozzle so that the spraying direction is perpendicular to the growth direction of the crop to ensure that the chemical solution can fully cover the crop and reduce the loss of the chemical.
3) According to the variety and growth conditions of the crops, adjust the spray volume and droplet size of the nozzle to ensure the spraying effect and safety.

3. Maintenance of agricultural sprayer nozzles

1) Check the nozzle regularly and clean the clogged nozzle holes to avoid affecting the spraying effect.
2) When maintaining the nozzle, clean it with clean water and do not use any alkaline or acidic cleaner to ensure that the nozzle is not damaged.
3) After each use, disassemble the nozzle and soak it in sterile liquid for 2-3 hours to clean it thoroughly to avoid clogging caused by residual chemicals.

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