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Points for attention and maintenance when using the furrow plow


Points for attention when using the furrow plow:

1.The furrow plow must not be transformed before it is unearthed; if there is too much clay or entangled grass on the working parts, it must be stopped and cleaned. It is strictly prohibited to clean it by hand during operation.
2. When the furrow plow is transported by suspension, the hydraulic lifting handle of the tractor must be fixed, and the limit chain of the tractor's lower pull rod must be tightened to reduce the swing of the suspension mechanism.
3. Before cultivating land, it is necessary to understand the conditions of the field and roads, remove obstacles such as stones in the field, mark water wells, and determine the soil moisture line, as well as the land edge and head line.
4. Determine the farming route according to the shape and slope of the plot. Generally, cultivation should be carried out along the long side of the plot, and when there are ridges, cultivation should be carried out along the ridges. To reduce the slope of the plot, the cultivation method of turning soil towards the lower part can be adopted. Pay attention to reducing soil moisture ditches. When the plot is large, it can be divided into several small areas to avoid excessive empty trips.
5. When there is high work resistance, the vehicle speed should be appropriately reduced.
6. When turning the field, the plow must be raised; during long-distance transportation, the lower pull rod limit chain should be tightened to reduce the oscillation of the furrow plow.

Points for maintenance when using the furrow plow:

1. Comprehensively inspect the appearance of the furrow plow, repaint it, and apply oil to the machete and spline shaft to prevent rust.
2. Check whether the transmission box, cross joints and bearings are short of oil, and replenish them immediately if necessary.
3. Check and tighten connecting bolts.
4. Check whether wearing parts such as latches and cotter pins are damaged and replace them if necessary.
5. Thoroughly remove dust and oil from the furrow plow.
6. Completely replace lubricating oil and grease.
7. When storing for a long time, the furrow plow should be cleaned, the working surface of the plow body and each rotating part should be coated with anti-rust oil, and the plow should be parked in a ventilated and dry place.

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