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Precautions when using agricultural sprayer


1. Inspection the agricultural sprayer before spraying

Before using the agricultural sprayer, first check whether all parts of the agricultural sprayer are intact, such as whether the nozzles, pipelines, filters, pressure gauges, etc. are blocked or damaged. After the inspection is completed, some simple cleaning and adjustments are required to ensure normal operation during use.

2. Choose the appropriate spray agent and ratio

The selection and use of spraying agents directly affect the operating results of the agricultural sprayer. It is necessary to select appropriate spraying agents and ratios according to different crops and pests and diseases to achieve the best spraying effect.

3. Pay attention to spraying speed and distance

Reasonable control of spraying speed and distance is also a key point to pay attention to when using agricultural sprayer. Spraying too fast will cause part of the leaf surface to miss spraying or leaching, and spraying too far away will affect spraying accuracy and operation results. Therefore, when using a sprayer, you must master the control skills of spraying speed and distance.

4. Safe operation

When using the agricultural sprayer, it need to pay attention to safe operation. Operators should wear protective equipment, such as gloves, masks, goggles, etc., to avoid inhalation and contact with chemicals. At the same time, when using the agricultural sprayer, pay attention to avoid high-pressure nozzles to prevent accidents.

5. Pay attention to maintenance and upkeep

After using the agricultural sprayer, maintenance and upkeep timely is required, including cleaning, oiling, adjustment, etc. These steps can ensure the normal service life and operating results of the agricultural sprayer. When using the agricultural sprayer, only by following the above precautions can the normal use and operating results of the agricultural sprayer be ensured and make a better contribution to agricultural production.

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