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The main differences between disc plow and disc harrow


Disc Plow:

1.1 Working principle
A disc plow is composed of a set of plow discs of different sizes, mainly consisting of a turntable, a plow blade, and a hole disc. Its working principle is to reverse cut the soil through a rotating plow disc, forming a plowing state.
1.2 Scope of Use
The disc plow is mainly used for plowing and cultivating crops in the field. It is suitable for larger farmland and wasteland, sandy land, heavily cultivated land, etc.
1.3 Advantages and disadvantages
Advantages: The disc plow can plow the soil more thoroughly and is suitable for treating deep soil layers; it can meet different track and field requirements and adapt to the planting needs of various crops.
Disadvantages: Using and operating a disc plow requires a lot of technical skills, which is difficult for beginners; compared to the disc harrow, the equipment cost is higher, and the economic capacity of farmers is limited.

Disc Harrow

2.1 Working principle
A disc harrow is composed of a set of harrow blades with a diameter of about 20-36cm, which are connected together through an axis to form a circular harrow disc. There is a set of springs installed below the harrow disc, which can tightly fit the entire harrow disc with the ground, forming a harrow tooth. When the harrow comes into contact with the ground, the harrow teeth can cut the grass, branches, and other weeds on the ground, while loosening the soil for subsequent operations.
2.2 Scope of Use
The disc harrow is mainly used for land preparation, leveling, loosening soil, and improving soil. It is suitable for some small-scale farmland and horticultural sites, such as gardens, flower beds, vegetable fields, etc.
2.3 Advantages and disadvantages
Advantages: The disc harrow is easy to operate and can quickly complete soil sorting and loosening operations; low energy consumption, more economical than other agricultural machinery.
Disadvantages: Compared to steel plows, harrow teeth are not very sharp, so they cannot handle deep soil well; this device is only suitable for some smaller venues.

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