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The usage and adjustment methods of satellite grader



1. Site survey: Before starting construction, a site survey must be conducted, and topographic surveys must be conducted as necessary. At the same time, the on-site environment and process should be analyzed, and detailed construction plans and safety measures should be formulated.
2. Set the coordinate system: After entering the construction site, you need to set the coordinate system of the work area and enter the relevant coordinate parameters on the satellite grader.
3. Operating the blade: After starting the satellite grader, the operator needs to control the blade to perform cutting or filling and excavation operations according to construction requirements, and make adjustments based on the measurement results. It should be noted that different materials and sites require different operating methods and processes.
4. Real-time monitoring: The satellite grader supports real-time monitoring function, which can monitor the ground height during the construction process for timely adjustment.

Adjustment methods:

1. Coordinate system setting: The coordinate system setting should be carried out according to the actual situation to avoid setting errors or large errors.
2. Knife bar adjustment: Knife bar adjustment needs to be carried out according to the height of the ground and the state of the knife bar to ensure flatness and efficiency.
3. On-site management: On-site management requirements are strict. Personnel and equipment need to be operated and used in accordance with safety regulations, and problems and abnormalities must be handled in a timely manner.
4. Maintenance: Regularly maintain and maintain the satellite grader to ensure the status and performance of the equipment and improve work efficiency and quality.

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