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What are the differences between satellite grader and laser grader?


1.Operational principle:

Satellite grader mainly use satellite technology and GPS positioning systems to grasp the differences in terrain height and carry out land leveling operations; While the laser grader relies on technologies such as laser scanning, laser control, and computer control to achieve surface elevation measurement and leveling;

2. Choose the appropriate spray agent and ratio

1)Satellite grader:
Advantages: Satellite grader can display and update terrain information in real time through GPS systems, enabling efficient land leveling operations; it can be applied to large-scale land operations and is suitable for ground treatment with low requirements for flatness.
Disadvantage: Due to the influence of satellite signals, its positioning accuracy is limited; the scope of application is limited by the region and may not be able to adapt to complex and ever-changing terrain environments, and it consumes a lot of energy in specific situations.
2)Laser grader:
Advantages: The laser grader adopts advanced laser control and computer technology, which has the advantages of high-precision measurement ability and fast land processing, making the entire process more accurate and efficient; especially suitable for land leveling requirements that require high precision.
Disadvantage: Laser grader have relatively poor ground processing effects for complex terrain transformations.

3.Applicable scene:

Satellite grader is suitable for large-scale ground leveling and are commonly used in scenarios such as large warehouses, ports, airports, and highway construction, which can effectively improve the efficiency of land leveling. Laser grade is suitable for situations with small engineering quantities, complex terrain slope changes, and high requirements for land leveling, such as small plot construction, road and green belt leveling in industrial parks.

In general, the satellite grader and the laser grader have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are suitable for different land leveling operation scenarios. In the specific application, according to the actual situation to achieve the best leveling effect.

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