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What preparations are needed before spraying with an air blast sprayer?


1.Meteorological conditions before spraying:

1)The temperature should not exceed 32°C, and spraying operations under the scorching sun should be avoided as much as possible.
2)The wind speed before spraying operations should not be higher than 4m/s, that is, it should not exceed level 3 to avoid pharmaceutical drift contamination.
3)Avoid spraying before and after rainfall, because rain will dilute the medicine and affect its efficacy.

2.Orchard fruit tree planting requirements:

Because most of the air blast sprayers currently used in China are axial flow fans, not turbine fans, they are more suitable for spraying fruit trees with a height of less than 5 meters. Fruit trees in orchards should be pruned to the same height as possible, and fruit branches and leaves should not be too dense. In this way, the medicinal solution can reach all parts of the branches and leaves. The best ratio between the row spacing of fruit trees and the equipment is that the row spacing is about 1.5-2.5 times the machine, and the size value is determined according to the dwarf fruit trees and the arborized fruit trees.

3.Preparation and debugging of air blast sprayers

1)Prepare in advance the suspended/tracted orchard air blast sprayer to be connected to the tractor, connect the latch and install the universal drive shaft. For the suspended type, the tractor pull rod must be adjusted to keep the machine in a balanced state to prevent the machine from swinging around during operation. swing.
2)Check whether the lubrication of the diaphragm pump of the traction air blast sprayers is sufficient. If it is lacking, try to add it in time. If it is a suspended type, check whether the three-cylinder plunger pump has enough oil and the butter cup, and the gear. Check whether the tank lacks lubricating oil, whether the various links of the nozzle are loose, whether the tire pressure needs to be inflated, etc.
3)Before operation, clean water must be added to perform spraying operations under normal conditions, and check whether each component meets the spraying operation requirements, and whether there is oil leakage or water dripping, especially whether the fan is operating normally and whether there are any abnormal noises.
4)And, it is necessary to adjust the size of the nozzle spray blades according to the situation of the water spraying industry, and whether there are any nozzles that need to be closed for operation, whether the upper and lower windshields and air ducts need to be adjusted. At the same time, if large pressure is required, the pressure of the chemical pump needs to be adjusted to meet the operating pressure.

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