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What's the technical situation and usage precautions of agricultural sprayer?


A: Technical situation:

1. Operating system: The agricultural sprayer adopts hydraulic or mechanical control systems, which can be operated through control systems such as joysticks and buttons.
2. Spray part: the spray part mainly includes nozzles, pipelines, pumps, etc. The nozzle is one of the most critical components in the agricultural sprayer, and its quality and spray effect directly affect the grass spraying effect.
3. Framework structure: The agricultural sprayer is made of steel , which have the characteristics of high strength and good stability. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of homework, modern agricultural sprayer can also be adjusted and improved according to different homework needs, vehicle models, etc.
4. Drive system: Modern agricultural sprayer usually mounted by the tractor, you can choose the suitable model according to your actual situation, like the horsepower of tractor.

B: Usage precautions:
1. Operating specifications: The operation of the agricultural sprayer must be carried out in accordance with the operating manual specifications. During operation, attention must be paid to the stability and safety of the equipment. The operator must undergo professional training and be proficient in operating skills.
2. Maintenance: Regularly inspect all components of the agricultural sprayer to ensure they are in perfect and undamaged condition. At the same time, regularly replace lubricating oil and coolant to maintain the effective working condition of the machine.
3. Spray control: The spray amount should be adjusted reasonably based on factors such as crop variety, pest and disease conditions, and weather conditions to avoid excessive spraying. Before spraying, carefully read the medication user manual, select the correct medication, and calculate the dosage of medication according to the dosage to ensure the spraying effect.
4. Safety measures: When using agricultural sprayer, appropriate protective equipment must be worn, such as gloves, masks, goggles, etc., to avoid the impact of drugs on the human body. At the same time, during the operation process, it is necessary to strictly follow the safety operation instructions and prohibit operations in situations where there are too many personnel or the surrounding facilities do not meet the requirements.
In short, agricultural sprayer is an indispensable tool in modern agriculture, which can improve crop yield and quality. However, strict adherence to operating procedures and safety requirements is necessary during use to ensure operational effectiveness and personnel safety.

C. Pay attention to spraying speed and distance

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