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Bad habits that damage the service life of agricultural machinery


If you want to make your agricultural machinery long life, in addition to purchasing high-quality agricultural machinery from legitimate brands and manufacturers, but also need to avoid the following bad habits:

1. Oil accumulated add

Many operators do not replace all of the oil, but instead add new oil to the crankcase, causing the oil to continuously accumulate, mistakenly believing that this not only ensures the lubrication needs of the diesel engine, but also saves costs. As everyone knows, the oil has deteriorated after long-term use, impurities increase, lubrication quality decline, at this time, even if the new oil is often added, it can not make the oil quality meet the requirements, resulting in accelerated wear of the parts, greatly shortening the service life of the cylinder liner, piston and other parts.

2. The new machine is put into load operation without running in

After purchasing a new machine, in addition to its inspection and maintenance, it must also be run in strict accordance with the test procedure specified in the factory manual, the speed is from low to high, the load is from light to heavy, in order to eliminate the uneven processing marks of the friction surface of the parts, so that the surface is smooth. Some operators buy new agricultural machinery, do not follow the regulations to test run and run it in, and directly put it into operation, resulting in a greatly shortened service life of the machine.

3. No inspection before and after operation

Many operators do not pay much attention to the inspection before and after operation, resulting in loose and detached parts of agricultural machinery during operation, and even causing harm to human health. Therefore, before and after the agricultural machinery is put into operation, it is necessary to carefully stop the machine and inspect all parts such as bolts, nuts, and cotter pins. Loose parts should be tightened in a timely manner, lost parts should be replenished in a timely manner, and worn and deformed parts should be repaired immediately to avoid minor losses.

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