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How to Adjust the Hay Rake during Using?


When using a hay rake, adjustments need to be made according to the needs, so how can the hay rake be adjusted? What adjustments need to be made when the hay rake is working? Now let's take a look at the introduction on how to adjust the use of a hay rake.

1. Adjustment of Grass Stripe Width

The width of the grass strip should be determined based on the picking width of the baler. If the picking width of the baler is large, the width of the grass strip of the hay rake should be increased. Adjusting the position of the left and right main beams in the curved adjustment plate, changing the angle of the rotating beam, also changes the width of the grass strip.

2. Adjusting the force of gripping the ground with teeth

If the landing force of the hay rake teeth is too strong, it will reduce the service life of the hay rake teeth. If the landing force is too small, it will make the straw not clean. The adjustment of the landing force of the teeth is completed by the tension of the tension spring, and the adjustment purpose can be achieved by changing the position of the tension spring hanging on the tension adjustment plate.

3. Adjustment from working position to transportation position

When the hay rake is working in the field, if it needs to be transferred for a short distance in the field, the pull rod sleeve of the rake can be fixed with a pin to form an integrated lifting tool.

If the hay rake require long-distance transportation, the equipment should be adjusted to the transportation position. The adjustment method is as follows:

1) Remove the locking pin from the pull rod sleeve, then operate the tractor hydraulic mechanism to lower the frame. At this time, the pull rod rises at the position of the pull rod sleeve, and then use the locking pin to fix their position and install the spring pin. Then, the tension spring is not working;

2) Then lift the implement, take off the long and short bending pins, turn the rocker arm to the fourth hole of the adjusting plate and then fix it with the short bending pin; take off the long bending pin, rotate the rotating beam 90 ° and still use the long bending pin to fix , at this point, the bending beam should be down, so that the transformation of the transport position is completed.

4. Adjustment from transportation position to working position

After the hay rake is transported to the field, it needs to change the transportation position to the working position. At this point, it is necessary to change the position of the left and right rocker arms, fix it with the pin in the third hole of the regulating plate, then lay down the two main supports, and fix it with the long bending pin, lowering the machine tool, remove the pin of the fixed rod, and then lift the machine tool, tension spring function, so that the height of the frame can be put into the strut, at this time to reach the working position.

5. Replacement of hay rake teeth

If the teeth are broken, it is necessary to replace them with new ones in a timely manner. The method of replacement is to remove the nut on the pressure block bolt of the broken hay rake tooth, remove the broken tooth, pass the new hay rake tooth through the hole on the wheel rim, place the hay rake tooth hook on the amplitude plate, install the pressure block, and then tighten the nut.

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