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How to install a boom sprayer?


This boom sprayer adopts three-point suspension type and to work with tractor with rear power output device over 30-100HP.

Because our boom sprayer needed to install after receiving the goods in order to save space and shipping cost, please kindly check the below detailed installation steps:

1.Before using, charge pump with engine oil. And clean the inside of stainless steel tube with clean water.

2.Install the spray rod at the back of the frame and bolt it in place.

3.Connect the spray nozzle and the spray tube, fix the spray nozzle in the appropriate position of the stainless steel tube. Connect the spray nozzle with the spray pipe and tighten it to prevent dripping.

4.Connect the backwater connector on the top of the tank with a transparent steel tube, and install the other end on the elbow of the water distributor.

5.The filter cup is fixed at the bottom of the frame, and the elbow on filter cup and the elbow on pump is connected with the transparent steel tube. The joint at the bottom of the tank and the straight joint of the filter cup is connected with another transparent steel tube.

6.Connect the mixing gun with 1 meter hose and connect the hose other end to the water distributor.

7.The high pressure pipe is connected to the pump and the other end is connected to the water distributor.

8.Adjust the pressure, the pressure should not exceed the red display area, otherwise the machine will be damaged if the pressure is too high.

9.Use a long hose, one end connected to the stainless steel tube and the other end to the water distributor.

10.One end of the PTO shaft is fixed on the output shaft of the pump, and the other end is installed on the rear transmission power output shaft of the tractor.

11.Use three-point suspension to attach to the rear of the tractor. Both ends of the universal joint of the PTO shaft must be fixed and locked with fixed bolt.

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