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How to maintain the boom sprayer?


The boom sprayer is a kind of agricultural machinery, which is powered by a tractor and equipped with a horizontal spray boom to disperse the liquid medicine into a mist liquid, while, after using, how to maintain the boom sprayer?

1. Daily maintenance

1) Wash the nozzle after spraying every day.

2) After the spraying operation every day, spraying with clean water for several minutes to remove the residual liquid medicine in the medicine tank, liquid pump and pipeline, and finally drain the clean water.

3) After each pesticide is sprayed, the boom sprayer must be carefully cleaned. After each dosing, the pesticide splashed on the external surface of the sprayer shall be removed immediately. The external surface of the sprayer should be thoroughly cleaned with soapy water or neutral detergent, then washed with clean water. Solid liquid deposits can be removed with a hard bristled brush. The interior of the sprayer that has used organophosphorus pesticides should be cleaned with concentrated soap water solution. After spraying organochlorine pesticides, clean with acetic acid instead of soap. Finally, the soap water is pumped and cleaned through the sprayer rod and nozzle.

4) After every 100h operation, check if there is any damage to the pump diaphragm, air chamber diaphragm, inlet and outlet valves and other components. If the diaphragm is damaged and the medicine enters the pump chamber, the oil in the pump chamber should be drained, cleaned with light diesel oil, and replaced with new oil.

2. Long term storage and maintenance

1) Thoroughly drain the residual liquid from the water system and various components, and clean the inside and outside of the medicine tank with clean water to prevent corrosion of the pipeline or damage to the components due to cold weather.

2) Remove the sprayer rod, sprayer nozzle, and other parts.

3) Remove the copper nozzle, nozzle blade, and nozzle filter, and clean them in clean diesel fuel.

4) Insert a perforated nozzle blade into the nozzle to prevent dirt from entering the pipeline.

5) Remove the pressure gauge and loosen the pressure regulating hand wheel.

6) Replace the pump with new lubricating oil, wipe all moving parts clean, add lubricating oil or apply lubricating grease to prevent rust.

7) Rubber parts should be hung on the wall to avoid compression, bending, and damage.

8) Place the boom sprayer in the shed to prevent the medicine tank from being exposed to the sun.

9) The sprayer shall not be stacked together with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other corrosive articles to avoid corrosion and damage.

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