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How to maintain the wheel hay rake?


With the development of modern agriculture, agricultural machinery has increasingly become the main force of modern agricultural production. The use of agricultural machinery not only improves production efficiency and reduces the labor burden on farmers, but also ensures the quality and stability of agricultural production. The maintenance and upkeep of agricultural machinery is of great significance for improving its service life, reducing malfunctions and damages, improving production efficiency, and ensuring the safety of agricultural machinery.

So we will introduce how to maintain the wheel hay rake in this article.

1. The wheel hay rake should be maintained every two working days, with all bearings and connecting shaft sleeves filled with grease, and all fasteners checked and tightened.

2. When the wheel hay rake needs to be parked for a long time after the operation season is completed, it should be cleaned of dust and dirt, wiped clean, and the bearings filled with butter to prevent rust. Apply butter to various rotating parts, disassemble the equipment, and store it indoors. Do not store it outdoors for a long time to prevent rust and reduce the lifespan of the wheel hay rake.

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