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How to use the disc harrow correctly?


1. Before use the disc harrow to check the fastening bolts and nuts are loose, if there is loose, must be tightened.

2. Harrow blade edge thickness should be less than 0.5 mm, edge defect length should be less than 15 mm, a harrow blade on the defect should not be more than 3, the square axis should be straight without defect.

3. Square shaft end nut to tighten, lock, rake sheet can not have any shake, otherwise harrow sheet inner hole will gnaw the square shaft round.

4. In the operation, it is forbidden to repair, check and adjust the disc harrow. Do not make sharp turns or reverse in the operation of tractor with the disc harrow. When turning or reversing with a hitched disc harrow, the harrow must be raised before it can be carried out.

5. When working, suitable harrow methods should be selected based on soil quality, plot size, shape, and agricultural technology requirements.

The commonly used methods include:

1) Back-shaped harrow method, which is suitable for using rake instead of plowing or shallow plowing to eliminate stubble

2) Cross harrow method, which is suitable for harrowing after plowing in large fields.

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