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Installation method of the disc harrow blade


Since the disc harrow is packaged as components when it leaves the factory, the user needs to assemble it himself. When installing, be careful not to install various components in the wrong way. The installation method of the disc harrow blade are as follows:

1. Prepare tools and materials: disc harrow blades, blade installation tools, blade clamping nuts, washers, and bolts.

2. Place the blade on the mounting tool to ensure that the center of the blade is aligned with the center of the mounting tool.

3. Use the blade mount tool to clamp the blade, then tighten the blade clamp nut.

4. Place a washer between the blade and the disc harrow body, and then use bolts to fix the blade to the disc harrow body.

5. Check that the blade is securely mounted to ensure that the blade is not loose.

6. Reinstall the disc harrow body on the tractor and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that it works properly.

It should be noted that caution should be taken during the installation process to avoid damage to the blade and disc harrow body. At the same time, ensure that all nuts and bolts of the fasteners have been tightened to prevent safety accidents. After installation, test operation should be carried out to check whether the disc harrow is working properly, and if there are any problems, timely adjustment or maintenance should be carried out.

The above is the disc harrow blade installation method of the disc harrow blade. Only the correct installation can ensure the normal work of the disc harrow and extend its service life. In practical operation, corresponding adjustments and operations should be made according to different models and specifications. If you are not very familiar with your disc harrow, it is recommended to operate it under the guidance of professional personnel.

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