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Knowledge of Disc Harrow Maintenance


The disc harrow is one of the most important land preparation machinery in tillage machinery. However, maintenance is also necessary during long-term using, and this news will introduce some knowledge of disc harrow maintenance.

1. Shift maintenance

1) After each shift, remove debris such as soil and grass from the rake, scraper, and depth gauge wheel.

2) Check the tightening status of all fastening screws and tighten any loose ones.

3) Lubricating the harrow group bearings, depth limiting wheels, transport wheels, adjustment screws, etc. 1-2 times per shift. Each rotating component is filled with oil or butter to ensure its flexible operation.

4) Check the gap between the scraper and the harrow to see if there is any friction.

2. Quarterly maintenance

1) After completing quarterly assignments, all parts should be inspected and maintained. Check the wear and damage of the harrow blades, and repair or replace them in a timely manner if they exceed the regulations.

2) For each part, conduct a comprehensive inspection and apply rust proof oil to the exposed screw rods and suspension pins.

3) The entire disc harrow should be cleaned thoroughly. The surface of the rake blade should be coated with anti rust oil, the grease inside the bearings should be replaced, oil should be added to each component, and the rake blade should be coated with engine oil to prevent corrosion.

3. Long term parking and maintenance

1) When the disc harrow is parked for a long time, wooden boards should be used to cushion the rake fabric. Hydraulic or pneumatic joints should be coated with anti rust oil, wrapped in plastic paper to prevent damage from bumps, parked in high ground areas, and covered with tarpaulin to prevent rain.

2) Location of grease injection: the point of the disc harrow at the rake group bearing, depth limiting wheel, transport wheel, etc.

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