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Precautions for using diaphragm pump


As we all know, the boom sprayer and air blast sprayer are both using the diaphragm pump to working, while do you know the precautions for using diaphragm pump?

Let’s give a detailed introduction:

1.Before using the diaphragm pump, please carefully read the operating instructions in the user manual to ensure that you have a safe understanding of the working principle and operating steps of the pump and its matching machine.

2.Be careful and focused when using the pump, and it is your responsibility to ensure that the user has read the instructions and is familiar with the operation of the pump. Otherwise, others are not allowed to use the pump, and the pump cannot be used by children or unauthorized persons.

3.The pump cannot be used in the following situations:

1)The pump was smashed;

2)Obvious oil and water leakage;

3) The water outlet pipe or spray gun is damaged;

The above situations should be inspected and repaired by professional personnel.

4.During the operation, people must never leave to ensure that they are not in contact with children or animals.

5.Before use, the necessary protective equipment should be worn to avoid harm to the human body caused by pesticides.

6.Ensure that the moving parts of the pump are adequately protected to prevent easy access to others.

7.Do not remove the safety device from the moving part of the pump.

8.Do not repair while the pump is in motion.

9.Follow the instructions for the scope of use.

10.Do not change the installation conditions of the pump, especially its additional devices and various pipeline connection joints.

11.The power equipment of the pump must be installed by a qualified electrician. If the power equipment is an internal combustion engine, it cannot be used in closed environments.

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