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Precautions for using satellite graders


1.Before using the satellite grader, read the instructions carefully, check the fasteners carefully and put a safety chain on the spade especially to prevent unnecessary hazards, the hydraulic oil should be kept sufficient, the lifting hydraulic cylinder and each transmission shaft should be kept clean and lubricated, the cable connection should be firm, to ensure that the work is not cut off or pulled off, in the installation of hydraulic quick-connect device, or in the repair, maintenance of the hydraulic pipeline, the hydraulic oil pump should be kept floating to avoid high-pressure liquid harm to the human body, laser transmitter work, drivers should avoid observing laser beams directly or pointing them at others.

2. Initialize the work place, drive the tractor to the work area, turn off the power output, turn on the controller, bring the spade down naturally, put the satellite grader in the correct position, and fix the satellite antenna, the location of the laser transmitter shall be determined in accordance with the required area of the site, and the laser transmitter shall generally be placed in the middle of the site, about 2 meters away from the work site, and the firing radius shall be limited to 400 meters, after determining the position of the laser transmitter, install it on the tripod and adjust it to the level. The receiving station should be installed at the high position of the laser shovel pull rod, above the height of the tractor, there is no obstacle blocking the laser elevation in the operation area.

3. In the workplace, the satellite grader fixed the base in such open places as no obstacle, open field of vision, no obstacle, no high-power radio transmitter, no high-voltage wire and microwave radio signal channel, and no object with strong reflection satellite signal nearby.

4. When excavating, the initial excavation height should be set strictly according to the design scheme, and the excavation route without load and short working time should be chosen, earth excavation route is reasonable, there will be no convection, turbulence, easy to reasonable mechanical construction, can give full play to mechanical efficiency, automatic control and manual control, according to the actual situation reasonable use.

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