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Regarding the installation and debugging of the disc harrow


The disc harrow is one of the most important land preparation machinery in tillage machinery. The disc harrow is mainly used for plowing broken soil and flat land after plowing. It can also be used for stirring soil, weeding, mixing fertilizer, shallow plowing and stubble removal after harvest, loosening soil before sowing, and covering seeds after airplane sowing. Sometimes, it can also be used as a substitute for plowing to seize agricultural time and maintain soil moisture. At present, disc harrow have been widely used in agricultural production.

This news mainly introduces the installation and debugging of the disc harrow.

1.The installation of the disc harrow:

1)Clean, rust, and remove oil stains from all parts that need to be assembled, and place them according to their respective categories.

2)Assemble the rake group firstly, each rake piece on the rake group is equally spaced, the tolerance is ± 8 mm.

3)On the flat ground, the rake frame is first mounted on a special bracket, and then each rake group, depth-limiting wheel, transport wheel and other parts are successively installed.

4)Assemble the hydraulic pressure or pneumatic system.

5)After the final assembly is completed, carry out debugging.

2.The debugging of the disc harrow:

Mechanical debugging to be completed through manual adjustment, check the movement of the moving parts of the convenience, flexibility and accuracy.

The adjustment of hydraulic or pneumatic machinery can check the convenience, flexibility and accuracy of the hydraulic or pneumatic mechanism with the help of the self-made hydraulic or pneumatic adjustment table. Or hook up in the tractor, connect the hydraulic system or pneumatic system, and then check the state of the corresponding adjustment.

Debugging Requirements:

1) The disc harrow frame is required to be horizontal.

2) The disc harrow depth adjustment is flexible and convenient.

3) The landing mechanism is flexible and effective, easy to operate, and operates smoothly.

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