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How to pay attention to the water temperature when using a tractor in summer?


The summer is coming, and some farmers will often use tractors to support agricultural machinery for field management, so there is a question need to pay attention-the water temperature of tractor. And this article will tell you how to pay attention to the water temperature?

1. Understand the water cooling system of tractors. The water cooling system of a tractor is one of the key components to maintain the normal operation of the engine. Understanding the working principle of the water cooling system of tractors is necessary for farmers. The water-cooling system sucks the coolant from the engine in a cyclic manner, then dissipates heat through the radiator and sends the coolant back to the engine. Understanding this process will help farmers better grasp the management of tractor water temperature.

2. Keep the cooling system clean. In summer, the cooling system of tractors is easily affected by dust, impurities, and other factors. Farmers should regularly clean the radiator and coolant pipes to ensure the smoothness of the water cooling system. In addition, farmers should regularly replace the coolant to maintain its good cooling effect.

3. Pay attention to the water level of the water cooling system. The water level in the water-cooling system is crucial for the normal operation of the tractor. Farmers should regularly check the water level of the water cooling system to ensure it is within the appropriate range. If the water level is too low, coolant should be added in a timely manner. If the water level continues to be too high, it may indicate that there is a leakage problem in the system and it needs to be repaired in a timely manner.

4. Avoid prolonged high-speed operation. Under high temperatures in summer, prolonged high-speed operation can easily cause the water temperature of the tractor to be too high. Farmers should avoid prolonged high-speed driving in hot weather and try to choose low-speed driving or parking to rest, in order to provide sufficient time for the tractor's water cooling system to dissipate heat.

5. Regularly check the water temperature gauge of the tractor. The dashboard of a tractor is usually equipped with a water temperature gauge, and farmers should regularly check the indication of the water temperature gauge to ensure that the water temperature is within the normal range. If the water temperature is found to be abnormally high, it should be stopped immediately for inspection to avoid damage to the tractor due to overheating.

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