Small Fertilizer Spreader
  • Small Fertilizer SpreaderSmall Fertilizer Spreader
  • Small Fertilizer SpreaderSmall Fertilizer Spreader
  • Small Fertilizer SpreaderSmall Fertilizer Spreader
  • Small Fertilizer SpreaderSmall Fertilizer Spreader

Small Fertilizer Spreader

Harvester Machinery is one of the famous China small fertilizer spreader manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of small fertilizer spreader. Welcome to buy small fertilizer spreader from Harvester Machinery. Every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours. Maybe your tractor horse power is small, and maybe your farmland is not big, if so, choose one small fertilizer spreader can meet your requirements.

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Product Description

Small fertilizer spreader introduction

The following is an introduction to small fertilizer spreader, Harvester Machinery hope to help you better understand small fertilizer spreader. Our products are CE certified and have in stock of factory, welcome to wholesale small fertilizer spreader from us.
The small fertilizer spreader is suitable for tractors with 20-100 horsepower (the tractor is equipped with an electric battery). This small fertilizer spreader mainly consists of a fertilizer box, a fertilizer box frame, a tractor coupling device, a fertilizer amount adjustment device, a throwing tooth plate, a throwing tooth plate driving DC motor, a DC motor speed regulator, etc. The DC motor is powered by the tractor battery, and the throwing tooth plate is driven by the motor to rotate. The fertilizer discharged from the bottom of the fertilizer box falls into the throwing tooth plate. Under the high-speed rotation of the tooth plate, the fertilizer is thrown out from the tangent of the tooth plate, completing the process of spreading fertilizer. The width of the throwing fertilizer can be adjusted.

Small fertilizer spreader specification

As a professional factory of small fertilizer spreader, please kindly check the below specification of small fertilizer spreader:

Model TF-300
Volume(KG) 100
Disc 1
Hopper Material Polyethylene Hopper
Working Width(M) 3-10
Dimension(MM) 780*580*820
Weight(KG) 21
Matched Power(V) 12
Matched Rate(Ha/H) 1.6-2

Small fertilizer spreader details

1) Front bumper hitch: Screw and nut linkage tractor suspension;
2) 12V electric linkage: Tractor battery as power support;
3)Strong ABS spreading disc;
4)Strong iron frame with painting;
5)Shielded front plate to prevent spreading of material in front of spreader;
6)Adjustable positions to obtain maximum spreading precision;

Small fertilizer spreader advantages

1)The small fertilizer spreader is simple to use and can make your field spraying work fast and even. It is more than 50 times that of manual work, reducing the labor intensity of manual scattering. In addition to saving work time, a uniform scattering effect can also bring greater production and economic benefits.
2)The adjustment handle of the small fertilizer spreader can freely adjust the amount of seeds and fertilizers scattered; the machine is equipped with an adjustment switch that allows you to freely adjust the throwing width. 3)The small fertilizer spreader has a wide range of applications, including various granular fertilizers, wheat, beans, herb seeds, and snow melting agents for road sowing.

Sale Service

Pre-sale services:
1. Multiple models to choose.
2. Customized products according to your requests.
3. Professional technicians at your side any time.

Services during the sale:
1. Pre-check and safeguard products before delivery.
2. Provide solutions for any possible problems occured.

After-sale services:
1. Warranty: 12 months for the machine after delivery.
2. Provide installation guidance.

Contact us

If you are interested in our small fertilizer spreader, please feel free to contact us for more info:
WhatsApp: 0086-15032566885

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