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Agricultural Land Leveling
  • Agricultural Land LevelingAgricultural Land Leveling
  • Agricultural Land LevelingAgricultural Land Leveling
  • Agricultural Land LevelingAgricultural Land Leveling
  • Agricultural Land LevelingAgricultural Land Leveling
  • Agricultural Land LevelingAgricultural Land Leveling
  • Agricultural Land LevelingAgricultural Land Leveling
  • Agricultural Land LevelingAgricultural Land Leveling

Agricultural Land Leveling

Harvester Machinery is a global agricultural land leveling manufacturing and wholesaling company that supplies the world’s finest agricultural machinery. Providing the integration of R&D, production, wholesales, trading with a large-scale. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

The description of agricultural land leveling

Welcome to wholesale or customized agricultural land leveling from our factory at any time. We will provide you with factory discount prices for our products.
The agricultural land leveling is laser land leveller, mainly consists of laser emitters, laser receivers, controllers, and hydraulic workstations. The working principle is that the laser transmitter emits a reference circular plane with a certain diameter (which can also provide a reference slope), and the receiver installed on the support rod of the scraper will process the collected signal by the controller to control the hydraulic actuator. The hydraulic mechanism will control the up and down movements of the scraper according to the requirements to complete the land leveling operation.
This system can be used to level the land for irrigation, reduce soil erosion, and increase land yield.

The specification of agricultural land leveling

Please kindly check the below specification of agricultural land leveling:

Model 12PW-2.0
Structure Trail Type
Dimension (MM) 2800*2080*1170
Working Width (MM) 2000
Matched Power (KW) 50.4-80.9
Control Laser Control
Leveling Shovel Type Straight Shovel
Tire Size 225/65R16
Weight (KG) 670
Working Area (Area/H) 3

The characteristic of satellite grader

1) Erecting a transmitter: Firstly, determine the position of the laser based on the size of the site to be leveled. Generally, the laser is placed roughly in the middle of the site. After determining the position of the laser, install it on a tripod and level it. The elevation of the laser should be 0.5-1m above the higher point of the tractor to avoid obstructing the laser beam.
2) Measurement site.
3) Flat ground operation: Based on the initial working position of the shovel blade, adjust the height of the laser receiver telescopic rod to match the laser beam emitted by the laser transmitter with the receiver. That is, until the green light flashes in the middle of the red, yellow, and green display lights. Then, place the control switch in the automatic position to start the tractor leveling unit and start the leveling operation.

The advantages of agricultural land leveling

There are many advantages if using our agricultural land leveling:
1)Water-saving: It can make the ground flatness reaches error+-2cm, which can save more than 30% of water than ordinary irrigation.
2)Save land: Precise and flat land with laser technology. With the corresponding measures, can reduce the area of field ridge by 3%-5%, so that the land can be fully utilized.
3)Reduction cost: The implementation of this technology, while increasing production and benefits, can reduce the production costs of crops (rice, wheat, soybeans, cotton and corn, etc.) by 6.3%-15.4%.
4)Save fertilizer and increase production: Due to the increase in the flatness of the land, the distribution of chemical fertilizers is evenly distributed, reducing the loss of chemical fertilizer and removing fertilizer, increasing the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers by more than 20%, and ensuring the seedling rate of crops. Production can be increased by 20%-30%, which also improves the quality of crops while increasing production.

If you have any questions about agricultural land leveling, welcome to contact us!
Email: miya@harvestermachinery.com
WhatsApp: 0086-15032566885

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