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Laser Grader

Harvester Machinery is one of the famous China laser grader machine manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of laser grader machine. Our company has built an industry-leading reputation for providing quality laser grader machine at competitive prices, the market had been covered Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc, to become one of the Chinese suppliers of agricultural machinery.

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Product Description

The introduction of laser grader

The following is an introduction to laser grader, Harvester Machinery hope to help you better understand laser grader. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future together! In the past, farms used to use machinery such as graders and scrapers for land leveling, but only rough leveling could be achieved. In order to improve the accuracy of land leveling, laser grader can be used to high-precision level farmland.
The laser grader mainly consists of five parts: laser transmitter, laser receiver, control box, hydraulic control valve, and grader. During machine operation, regardless of the terrain on the field, controlled by the laser emission and reception system, the controller always commands the hydraulic lifting system to maintain a constant distance between the shovel blade and the laser control plane. The accuracy of flat ground operations is 10-50 times higher than that of conventional flat ground operations.

The technical parameters of laser grader

Please kindly check the below specification of laser grader:

Model 12PW-2.0
Structure Trail type
Dimension (MM) 2800*2080*1170
Working Width (MM) 2000
Matched Power (KW) 50.4-80.9
Control Laser control
Leveling Shovel Type Straight shovel
Tire Size 225/65R16
Weight (KG) 670
Working Area (Area/H) 3

The working principle of laser grader

The working principle of laser grader is that the laser transmitter emits a reference circular plane with a certain diameter (which can also provide a reference slope), and the receiver installed on the support rod of the scraper will process the collected signal by the controller to control the hydraulic actuator. The hydraulic mechanism will control the up and down movements of the scraper according to the requirements to complete the land leveling operation.
This system can be used to level the land for irrigation, reduce soil erosion, and increase land yield.

The precautions of laser grader

(1) Precautions for machine installation
A. Before selecting a laser grader, first select the tractor and match the grader's shovel according to the tractor's horsepower.
B. The suspension connection between the laser grader and the tractor should be firm to prevent the connection pin from falling off and damaging the hydraulic oil pipe during operation. A steel wire rope should be used to connect the flat shovel and the tractor.
C. The laser controller should be installed in a position that the driver can operate and is very intuitive.
D. The laser receiver is installed on the receiver rod of the flat shovel, just above the tractor cab to avoid affecting signal reception.
(2) Preparation for laser grader operation
A. Install a laser transmitter at a high place near the land that needs to be leveled, and the height of the transmitter should exceed the tractor cab by about 10 centimeters to avoid affecting signal reception.
B. If conditions permit, make a square stool and fix the laser flat transmitter bracket on the stool. Lower the height of the bracket to prevent it from shaking due to strong wind or vibration, causing the transmitter to stop rotating, causing the transmission and reception of signals to stop, and affecting the quality of the laser grader.

Sale Service

Pre-sale services:
1. Multiple models to choose.
2. Customized products according to your requests.
3. Professional technicians at your side any time.

Services during the sale:
1. Pre-check and safeguard products before delivery.
2. Provide solutions for any possible problems occured.

After-sale services:
1. Warranty: 12 months for the machine after delivery.
2. Provide installation guidance.

If you have any questions about laser grader, welcome to contact us!
WhatsApp: 0086-15032566885

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