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Deep Loosening Cultivator
  • Deep Loosening CultivatorDeep Loosening Cultivator
  • Deep Loosening CultivatorDeep Loosening Cultivator

Deep Loosening Cultivator

As a professional manufacturer & supplier of deep loosening cultivator in China, Harvester Machinery focus on the high quality first. We have been committed to wholesale deep loosening cultivator in the agricultural machinery field for more than 10 years. Hope to be your reliable Chinese deep loosening cultivator partner. 

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Product Description

What’s the description of this deep loosening cultivator?

Harvester Machinery warmly welcome you to wholesale deep loosening cultivator from our factory. Our products are CE certified and currently have a large amount of factory inventory. We will provide you with good service and factory discounted prices.
Mechanical deep loosening technology refers to the mechanized technology of using different power machinery to match corresponding deep loosening machinery to complete deep loosening operations in farmland. Our this deep loosening cultivator is the latest product successfully developed on the basis of introducing and absorbing advanced technologies from both domestic and international sources.

What’s the specifications of this deep loosening cultivator?

For this deep loosening cultivator, there are a few models available for your choice! You can choice it according to your requirements.

Model Dimension (L*W*H,MM) Matched Power(KW) Structure Type Number of blades Working Width
Working Depth
ISQZ-410 2340*4870*1720 ≥154.4 Partial column type 8 410 ≥50
ISQ-300 1920*3720*1670 ≥117.6 Partial column type 6 300 ≥50
ISQ-190 1670*2600*1670 ≥91.9 Partial column type 4 190 ≥50
ISQZ-490 1920*5180*1600 147-191 Partial column type 8 490 ≥40
ISQ-400 1740*3830*1430 99.2-154.4 Partial column type 6 400 ≥30
ISQ-330 2000*3220*1360 99.2-154.4 Partial column type 6 330 ≥30
ISQ-295 1770*2840*1360 80.9-103 Chisel shovel+Partial column type 5 295 ≥30
ISQ-280 2040*3230*1430 ≥99.2 All-round curved shovel 6 280 ≥30
ISQ-270 1540*2570*1420 73.5-92 Partial column type 4 270 ≥30
ISQ-250 1720*2350*1360 73.5-92 Partial column type 4 250 ≥30
ISQ-180 1710*2330*1340 ≥73.5 All-round curved shovel 4 180 ≥30
ISQ-177 1700*1800*1350 66.2-88.2 Chisel shovel+Partial column type 3 177 ≥30
ISQ-75 1150*1350*1340 ≥36.8 Partial column type 2 75 ≥30

What’s the advantages of this deep loosening cultivator?

1) Imported all-round deep loosening shovel, adopting special heat treatment process, with good wear resistance and long service life.
2) The surface of the deep loosening shovel has been scientifically optimized and designed, resulting in low deep loosening resistance.
3) Designed with safety bolts, when encountering obstacles such as stones or tree stumps, cut the safety bolts to avoid damaging the deep loosening machine or tractor.
4)The deep loosening shovel head is symmetrical in front and back, and can be turned back for use after one end is worn, extending the service life of the deep loosening shovel.
5)Omni directional curved deep loosening shovel, does not flip the soil, the surface is flat, and the soil moisture retention effect is good.
6) Suppressing the wheel to flatten the surface without damaging it is beneficial for preserving soil moisture.
7) The deep loosening shovel is arranged in three (two) rows before and after, with good pass ability and no congestion.

What’s the certifications of this deep loosening cultivator?

For deep loosening cultivator, our company dedicated to strict quality control, has passed ISO system certification and CE product certification. Products reach European quality standards.

Sale Service

Pre-sale services:
1. Multiple models to choose.
2. Customized products according to your requests.
3. Professional technicians at your side any time.
Services during the sale:
1. Pre-check and safeguard products before delivery.
2. Provide solutions for any possible problems occured.
After-sale services:
1. Warranty: 12 months for the machine after delivery.
2. Provide installation guidance.

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