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  • Farm subsoilerFarm subsoiler
  • Farm subsoilerFarm subsoiler
  • Farm subsoilerFarm subsoiler
  • Farm subsoilerFarm subsoiler

Farm subsoiler

Harvester Machinery is one of the famous Chinese farm subsoiler manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of farm subsoiler long time. And over more than 10 years development, the farm subsoiler have a good price advantage and wholesale most of the Asia, Middle East, and Africa markets.

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Product Description

The introduction of farm subsoiler

Welcome to wholesale farm subsoiler from Harvester Machinery, every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours. Harvester Machinery is the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you farm subsoiler and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

This farm subsoiler is an all-round subsoiling machine with a single subsoiling function. It uses a unique curved subsoiling shovel made of pure imported high-strength boron steel to expand the scope of soil cultivation and adapt to any land operation.

The technical parameter of farm subsoiler

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of this Farm subsoiler, there are few models available for your choice!
You can choice it according to your requirements.

Model IS-160 IS-200 1S-230 1S-250 1S-250A 1S-300 1S-300A 1S-360 1S-460
1880*2000*1330 2000*2340*1360 2000*2540*1360 2000*2600*1520 2000*2600*1520 2000*3580*1520 2000*3880*1520 2020*4470*1520 2030*5460*1520
Number of Rows
2 4 4 4 6 6 6 6 8
Row Space
80 55 55 62 45 50 55 65 60
Matched Power
36.8-66.2 73.5-99.2 73.5-99.2 89-106.6 91.9-110.2 99.2-117.6 99.2-117.6 110.2-132.3 154.4-191.1
Working Width
160 200 230 250 250 300 330 360 460
560 880 920 980 1120 1410 1450 1500 1650
Structure type of subsoiler blades Curved Surface
Working Depth Small(CM) 23-35 23-35 23-35 23-35 23-35 23-35 23-35 / /
Med(CM) 23-45 23-45 23-45 23-45 23-45 23-45 23-45 23-45 /
Large(CM) 25-50 25-50 25-50 25-50 25-50 25-50 25-50 25-50 25-50
Working Efficiency
1.2-1.4 1.4-1.8 1.6-2.1 1.8-2.3 1.8-2.3 2.1-2.7 2.2-2.8 2.5-3.3 3.2-4.1

The features of farm subsoiler

1) This farm subsoiler adopts a high-clearance reinforced shovel seat and a three-row beam frame structure, which can be applied to soils of different textures and covered with a large amount of straw to avoid clogging and improve the pass-ability of the machine.
2) A single shovel can adjust the row spacing within 20 cm to meet the agronomic and technical requirements of various places. Depending on the supporting power, you can also choose three types of subsoil shovels: small, medium and large.
3) The suitable sub-soiling depth is 25~50 cm; equipped with imported subsoil shovels. It has high strength and super wear resistance, and its service life is 3 to 4 times longer than that of traditional parts. It uses insurance bolts for overload protection.

The application of farm subsoiler

The farm subsoiler is a type of tillage machinery used in conjunction with high-power tractors, mainly used for mechanized plowing of deep soil between rows or in all directions. It has the functions of breaking the plow bottom layer, restoring the soil plow layer structure, improving soil water storage and moisture retention capacity, eliminating some weeds, reducing pests and diseases, leveling the surface, and improving agricultural mechanization operation standards.

Company profile

Baoding Harvester Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, a traditional machinery industry base in northern China, is one of the few agricultural machinery production enterprises that integrate scientific research, production, and sales. The company has 28 R&D engineers on staff, five production lines, and over 300 employees. It has passed ISO system certification and CE product certification, and its products meet European quality standards.The company mainly produces advanced agricultural machinery, including spraying machines,fertilizer spreaders, manure spreaders, mowers, rakes, land leveller, and others. The products are mainly applied to nutrition supply and plant diseases & insect pests control of crops such as wheat, cotton, corn, rice, orchards and vegetables. By using Baoding Harvester's mechanical products, customers can give full play to product advantages, reduce labor force, improve work efficiency, and promote product revenue.

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