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Heavy Duty Disc Harrow
  • Heavy Duty Disc HarrowHeavy Duty Disc Harrow
  • Heavy Duty Disc HarrowHeavy Duty Disc Harrow
  • Heavy Duty Disc HarrowHeavy Duty Disc Harrow
  • Heavy Duty Disc HarrowHeavy Duty Disc Harrow
  • Heavy Duty Disc HarrowHeavy Duty Disc Harrow

Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

Harvester Machinery has been focused on heavy duty disc harrow manufacture and wholesale for many years, which is known as a professional manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty disc harrow in China. We have gathered many professional and experienced staff, as well as advanced equipment in our factory. Welcome to buy our heavy duty disc harrow and check the price list with us.

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Product Description

What's the description of this heavy duty disc harrow?

Welcome to wholesale heavy duty disc harrow from us, every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours. The heavy duty disc harrow spindle is based on the principle of traction farming. The set of concave discs is used as a working component. The insert blade edge plane is perpendicular to the ground and can be adjusted at an offset angle to the unit's advancement direction. The insertion piece rolls forward, the cutting edge of the insertion piece cuts into the soil, cuts the grass roots and crop residues, and arranges the soil ridge to move along the concave surface of the insertion piece by a certain height and then shift. The operations of shallow ploughing and stubble after crop harvest, soil moisture retention in early spring and crushed soil after ploughing are also aimed at the cover planting operation after sowing of the aircraft.

What’s the technical parameter of this heavy duty disc harrow?

For this heavy duty disc harrow, there are a few models available for your choice!
You can choice it according to your requirements.

Model 1BZ-1.8 1BZ-2.0 1BZ-2.2 1BZ-2.5 1BZ-3.0 1BZ-3.4 1BZ-3.8 1BZ-4.2 1BZ-5.3
Working Width(MM) 1800 2000 2200 2500 3000 3400 3800 4200 5300
Working Depth(MM) 200-250
Dia. of Disc(MM) 660
Thickness of Disc(MM) 5
No. of Disc(PC) 16 18 20 24 28 32 36 40 48
Weight(KG) 1150 1250 1350 1500 1600 1800 2100 2300 3750
Matched Power(HP) 60-70 70-80 80-90 90-100 100-110 110-120 130-140 150-160 160-180
Linkage Hydraulic trailed with tractor

What’s the features of this heavy duty disc harrow?

1)If you don’t have the plough, you can use our this heavy duty disc harrow, it can replace the plough to plough the soil on the cooked land. High operation efficiency, reasonable power utilization, and strong soil penetration and crushing capacity.
2)The heavy duty disc harrow has the advantages of firmness, convenient maintenance, small turning radius, convenient structure, and convenient maintenance.
3)After working, the surface is flat and the soil is loose and broken, which has strong adaptability to the land with heavy viscosity and many weeds. 4)During harrow operation, the front and rear harrow groups shall be in one plane to ensure the same depth of the front and rear rake and the flat surface after rake.

What’s the applications of this heavy duty disc harrow?

This heavy duty disc harrow has high work efficiency, strong soil penetration ability, loose soil after raking, and strong adaptability to sticky soil, wasteland, and plots with many weeds. The disc harrow adopts an integral rake frame with welded square tubes as the main body, which has a simple structure, good rigidity, and is equipped with hydraulic lifting and transportation rubber wheels. It is easy to transfer and has a small turning radius, greatly improving the production efficiency and service life of the rake.

Why choose Harvester Machinery for cooperation?

Comparing with our competitors, we have much more advantages as follows:
1). More than 10 years experience in manufacturing farming machines.
2). More professional sales persons to guarantee better and expert service.
3). Wider product range of agricultural machines for your choice.
4). More newly developed products to highlight you among your competitors and help you avoid price competition.
5). Stronger capability for mass production and bulk shipment.
6). Better quality to guarantee better Credit.
7). Faster delivery time: Only 5-7 days.
8). Much stricter quality check procedures before shipment.

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