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Harrow Plough

As one of the industry-leading harrow plough manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in China, Harvester Machinery deals in rich array of harrow plough. It is an efficient and durable farming tool mainly used for breaking soil, loosening soil, weeding, and mixing fertilizers. Our products will give you an edge over your competitors. We are ready to be your trustworthy supplier.

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Product Description

The introduction of harrow plough

You can rest assured to buy harrow plough from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.
The 1BQDX series of opposed harrow plough is suitable for post tillage soil crushing, pre sowing soil preparation, loose soil, soil fertilizer mixing, and light soil stubble removal operations. This machine has a reasonable structure, is sturdy and durable, is easy to use, easy to maintain, and has good soil crushing ability. After raking, the surface is flat and can meet the requirements of precision farming.

The technical parameter of harrow plough

For this harrow plough, there are a few models available for your choice!
You can choice it according to your requirements.

Model Working Width
Working Depth
No. of Disc
Dia. of Disc
Matched Power
1BQDX-1.3 1400 100-140 16 460 340 30-35 Three point linkage
1BQDX-1.6 1800 100-140 20 460 390 35-45
1BQDX-2.2 2200 100-140 24 460 440 45-55
1BQDX-2.6 2600 100-140 28 460 490 60-75
1BQDX-3.0 3000 100-140 32 460 495 75-80
1BQDX-3.4 3400 100-140 36 460 530 80-95

The structure of harrow plough

1) Harrow group
The disc harrow group consists of several rake blades mounted on a square axis. The harrow blades are kept at a certain interval through the intermediate tube. The harrow group is connected to the harrow group crossbeam through bearings and bearing support plates. In order to remove the soil adhering to the harrow blade, a scraper is installed on the crossbeam.

2)Harrow frame
Used to install components such as harrow plough group, adjustment mechanism, and traction frame (or suspension frame). There are two types of articulated harrow frames and rigid harrow frames. Some harrow racks are also equipped with load boxes for adding counterweights when necessary to increase and maintain the depth of the harrow.

3)Angle adjuster
Used to adjust the deflection angle of the harrow plough to meet the needs of different harrow depths.
4)Suspension device
For a suspended harrow plough, there are different holes on the suspension bracket to change the hanging height.

The package of harrow plough

All the harrow plough is fixed in the Iron Frame by steel wire, the Frame use the steel which is thicker than 3mm. Strong enough to carry and protect the machine.
Black plastic film will also protect the machine from rain and sun shine.
All the frames is welded according to the machine size, to make sure the minimum size and weight.

The certifications of harrow plough

For harrow plough, our company dedicated to strict quality control, has passed ISO system certification and CE product certification. Products reach European quality standards.

Company profile

Baoding Harvester Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, a traditional machinery industry base in northern China, is one of the few agricultural machinery production enterprises that integrate scientific research, production, and sales. The company has 28 R&D engineers on staff, five production lines, and over 300 employees. It has passed ISO system certification and CE product certification, and its products meet European quality standards.The company mainly produces advanced agricultural machinery, including spraying machines,fertilizer spreaders, manure spreaders, mowers, rakes, land leveller, and others. The products are mainly applied to nutrition supply and plant diseases & insect pests control of crops such as wheat, cotton, corn, rice, orchards and vegetables. By using Baoding Harvester's mechanical products, customers can give full play to product advantages, reduce labor force, improve work efficiency, and promote product revenue.

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