Reversible Plow
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Reversible Plow

Harvester Machinery is reversible plow manufacturers and suppliers in China, who can wholesale reversible plow, we can provide professional service and better price for you. Selling well in all over the world, our products already reached to many countries, like Asia, Middle East, and Africa, etc. Harvester products, like reversible plow have a reputation for our thick and solid material, beautiful appearance and outstanding performance.

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Product Description

Reversible plow description

Harvester Machinery warmly welcome you to wholesale reversible plow from our factory, you can rest assured to wholesale and customized reversible plow and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Reversible plow, also known as hydraulic flipping plow. Including suspension frame, rotary cylinder, check mechanism, ground wheel mechanism, plow frame and plow body. The front and rear plow bodies on the plow frame are driven by the extension and contraction of the piston rod in the oil cylinder, and perform vertical rotation motion, alternately changing to the working position. This reversible plow is suitable for agricultural loose soil and broken soil. The hydraulic flipping plow is used in conjunction with a tractor, and the lifting and flipping of the plow are controlled by a dual distributor.

Reversible plow specifications

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of this reversible plow, there are few models available for your choice!
You can choice it according to your requirements.

Model Single Ploughbody Working Width
Max Working Width
Max Working Depth
Matched Power
1LF-325 250 750 150-240 30-50 420 Standard three point mounted
1LF-425 1000 150-240 40-80 520
1LF-525 1250 150-240 55-90 720
1LF-625 1500 150-240 80-120 840
1LF-725 1750 150-240 90-140 980
1LF-327 270 810 150-240 30-50 420
1LF-427 1080 150-240 40-80 520
1LF-527 1350 150-240 55-90 720
1LF-627 1620 150-240 80-120 840
1LF-727 1890 150-240 90-140 980
1LF-230 300 600 200-350 40-50 480
1LF-330 900 50-80 630
1LF-430 1200 60-80 880
1LF-530 1500 90-120 1200
1LF-630 1800 130-160 1500
1LF-730 2100 160-200 1850
1LF-235 350 700 200-350 40-50 480
1LF-335 1050 50-80 650
1LF-435 1400 80-100 880
1LF-535 1750 120 1200
1LF-635 2100 130-155 1550
1LF-735 2450 160-200 1900

Reversible plow structure

The reversible plow is a single wheel dual-purpose mechanism, and the plowing depth is adjusted by screws. The suspension frame is connected to the working host, and the plow body is connected to the plow frame through the plow column. The ground wheel mechanism is installed on the plow frame. The central shaft is fixed on the plow frame, and the rear end of the central shaft sleeve is located outside the central shaft. The front end of the reversible plow is hinged with a piston rod, which passes through and is fixed on the suspension frame crossbeam. The piston rod passes through the cylinder seat, and the plow frame is connected to drive the central shaft to rotate in the center liner.

Reversible plow applications

1) Deep plowing: reversible plow can penetrate deep into the soil, deeply plow the residues into the soil, promote microbial decomposition, increase soil organic matter, and improve soil fertility.
2) Compact structure: The reversible plow adopts a compact design, which can easily pass through narrow farmland such as rice fields and wheat fields, and can work on difficult to cultivate land.
3) Reduce labor: The reversible plow uses a hydraulic system that can automatically complete the lifting and rotation of the plow head, reducing labor consumption for farmers.

Why choose Harvester Machinery for cooperation?

Comparing with our competitors, we have much more advantages as follows:
1). More than 10 years experience in manufacturing farming machines.
2). More professional sales persons to guarantee better and expert service.
3). Wider product range of agricultural machines for your choice.
4). More newly developed products to highlight you among your competitors and help you avoid price competition.
5). Stronger capability for mass production and bulk shipment.
6). Better quality to guarantee better Credit.
7). Faster delivery time: Only 5-7 days.
8). Much stricter quality check procedures before shipment.
9). More considerate after-sales service.
10). Lower repair rate and lower bad-review rate.

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