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Harvester Machinery is one of top ten ploughing machinery manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have specialized in kinds of agricultural machinery for over 10 years and exported our products to more than 30 countries with strong technical support, good quality and services. You can rest assured to buy ploughing machinery from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Ploughing is one of the most basic and important work processes in field agricultural production. The purpose is to use deep tillage and soil plowing in traditional agricultural cultivation systems to deeply plow crop residues, pests and diseases, as well as damaged topsoil layers, so as to bring the low-level soil that has been restored for a long time to the surface, in order to eliminate weeds and pests and improve the growth environment of crops. So our ploughing machinery is special designed for this.

There are many different type ploughing machinery available in our company:

1.Furrow plow,

2.Reversible plough,

3.Disc plough,

4.Disc harrow,



7.Rotary tiller

Our ploughing machinery is carefully manufactured from certified sources and are subject to strict quality controls, passed the ISO system certification and CE product certification and currently have a large amount of factory inventory. We will provide you with good service and factory discounted prices.

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Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller

Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller

Harvester is a professional Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller manufacturers and suppliers in China, you can rest assured to wholesale and customized Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Rotary Tiller

Rotary Tiller

Harvester Machinery is one of the professional rotary tiller manufacturer and suppliers in China. Expect for the rotary tiller, Harvester Machinery also have the complete Agricultural Machinery in complete series. Our products are CE certificated and have in stock of factory, welcome to wholesale rotary from us.
Rotary Tiller is a kind of tilling machine which can complete tilling and harrowing with tractors. Rotary tiller has been widely used because of its strong soil crushing ability and flat surface after tillage, and it can also mince the stubble buried under the ground surface, which is convenient for seeder operation and provides a good seed bed for later sowing.

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You can rest assured to wholesale Ploughing Machinery from our factory. Welcome to place an order, Harvester is one of the professional Ploughing Machinery manufacturers and suppliers in China.
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