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Satellite Land Leveller
  • Satellite Land LevellerSatellite Land Leveller
  • Satellite Land LevellerSatellite Land Leveller
  • Satellite Land LevellerSatellite Land Leveller
  • Satellite Land LevellerSatellite Land Leveller
  • Satellite Land LevellerSatellite Land Leveller

Satellite Land Leveller

Harvester Machinery, a Chinese factory who specializing in manufacturing and supplying satellite land leveller. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. Selling well in all over the world, our products already reached to many countries, like Asia, Middle East, and Africa, etc. Our products have a reputation for our thick and solid material, beautiful appearance and outstanding performance.

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Product Description

What’s the satellite land leveller?

Harvester Machinery warmly welcome you to wholesale satellite land leveller from our factory. Our products are CE certified and currently have a large amount of factory inventory. We will provide you with good service and factory discounted prices.
Land leveling plays an important role in agricultural production. With the development of BeiDou navigation positioning technology, the application of BeiDou navigation technology to control land levelers provides great convenience for precise control of land leveling operations.
This satellite land leveller uses radio transmission signals, and the signal is not affected by space and environment. It uses differential positioning technology to achieve high-precision leveling operations, and also supports slope leveling. Improve soil production conditions and comprehensively improve farmland productivity.

What’s the technical parameters about the satellite land leveller?

For this satellite land leveller, there are a few models available for your choice!
You can choice it according to your requirements.

Model Structure Dimension
Working Width(MM) Matched Power(KW) Control Mode Leveling Shovel Type Tire Size Weight
Working Area
12PW-1.5 Trail Type 2650*1600*1320 1500-2200 50.4-80.9 Satellite Control Straight Shovel 23*8.50/12 1150 3.5
12PW-2.5 Trail Type 4000*2614*1350 2500-3200 102.9-154.4 Satellite Control Straight Shovel 10.0/75-15.3 1440 5
12PW-2.8 Trail Type 4000*2930*1350 2800-3500 102.9-154.4 Satellite Control Straight Shovel 10.0/75-15.3 1480 6
12PW-4.0 Trail Type 4800*2650*1700 2500-4000 154.4-180.5 Satellite Control Straight Shovel 10.0/75-15.3 2600 8
12PW-2.5 Trail Type 4000*2610*1350 2500 80.4-102.9 Satellite Control Straight Shovel 10.0/75-15.3 1150 4
12PW-3.0 Trail Type 4300*3120*1650 3000 102.9-154.4 Satellite Control Straight Shovel 31*15.5-15 1980 5

What’s the main components of the satellite land leveller?

1) Land leveler transmitter: The transmitter is fixed on a tripod. The transmitter emission reference plane has a rotational speed of 300-600r/min and an effective beam radius of 300-450m. The mechanical part is installed on the universal joint system, and the beam plane can tilt according to a predetermined slope.
2) Receiver: The receiver is fixed on the telescopic rod of the scraper and connected to the control box with a cable. After receiving the beam emitted by the transmitter, the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal and sent to the control box through a cable.
3) Motor grader control box: receives onboard receiver signals for calculation and analysis, and commands electromagnetic hydraulic valves.
4) Hydraulic control valve of land leveler: The hydraulic valve is installed on the tractor and connected to the tractor hydraulic system. In automatic control mode, the corrected signal is converted through the control box to activate the solenoid valve, change the position of the hydraulic control valve, change the flow and direction of hydraulic oil, and control the lifting and lowering of the land leveler through the expansion and contraction of the oil cylinder plunger.

What’s the working principle of the satellite land leveller?

The working principle of a the satellite land leveller is that a beam of light is emitted by the transmitter to form the reference plane of the land. The receiver is installed on the telescopic rod of the shovel transportation section, and after detecting the signal, the receiver continuously sends a signal to the control box. After receiving the signal, the control box makes corrections. The corrected signal controls the hydraulic valve, changes the flow direction and flow rate of hydraulic oil to the cylinder, and automatically controls the height of the scraper.

If you have any questions about satellite land leveller, welcome to contact us!
Email: miya@harvestermachinery.com
WhatsApp: 0086-15032566885

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